things i love...and a tutorial.

Today I am in love with...

This guy. Seriously, who isn't? Capture your little ones sweetness here.

 That one day I will both look like this and be able to do this again. (Fingers crossed)

 That I have people in my life that love me enough to do this with me. Especially that guy in the middle. Oh how he loves me so.

And that I have a fun (hopefully easy to understand) tutorial for you today...
 Would you like to make your very own felt/fabric flower broach/hair clip? Of course you would! This tutorial uses some of my own ideas and some of course inspired by others.

All you need is:
Three colors of felt and /or fabric
Fabric scissors
Hot glue gun
Beads or buttions to embellish

 Step 1
Cut around your felt piece, winding your scissors around until you end up with one long wavy looking snake piece.

Step two:
Cut a circular piece of felt about the size of the bottom of a regular drinking glass.

Step 3:
Tie a knot in one end of the felt strip

Step 4:
Hot glue the knot to the center of the felt circle

Step 5:
Wind the felt strip around the knot (adding dabs of hot glue along the way.) Twist the felt and curl it as you go making it look any way you want!

Keep winding
When the flower is the size you want, cut your felt and simply hot glue the end to the back of the flower (no one is going to see that part!)

Now, do the same thing with the two other colors, add some embellishments and voila! Easy and beautiful!
To make it into a hair clip, simply hot glue a clip on the back or hot glue the entire beast to a head band. If you want the broach look just hot glue a pin clasp to the back.

 I decided mine was a little too big for my hair so I went with the broach idea.

Now...honesty please... Did this make sense? It is only my second attempt at a tutorial so any questions you have I'll be happy to answer!


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Barbie and Craig said...

awesome tutorial!!! I will do it!