My bump. My bump, my bump, my bump. My lovely baby bump!
I feel like I am pretty big for 24 weeks but maybe not. I don't know, I am probably obsessing too much. (No...that doesn't sound like me does it?)

(Me 24 weeks prego with Miles...finishing a 5K. Hmmmm. Should I be doing more? Probably.)

Last night I got to go out with some of my very favorite people and enjoy a fun movie! We celebrated the most beautiful girls birthday!

Have you ever seen a more breath taking birthday girl? Me either. 
Happy Birthday to my lovely sister! May this year bring many more adventures your way!



The Hargretts said...

Dang you go girl!! Way to be prego and finish a 5K. I am really hoping when I become pregnant I can still do that. You look amazing by the way too =)

Barbie and Craig said...

You are TINY. I am seriously huge compared to you. Promise.

Did I tell you someone asked me if I was having twins the other day?! Yeah, that was awesome. She (Yes, SHE) said "WOW! You're HUGE! Are you sure you're not having twins?!?" Yep, I'm sure, you jerk.

freya said...

you are too cute girl! you're the classiest prego lady i know. i also love how there's a youngin' clutchin at you in that picture. :)