welcome welcome ba hoo doray.

Can you tell I've been watching A LOT of the grinch lately?

Here are some adorably random pictures of Miles and the Halloween lizard.
(Brad handing Miles the lizard)

Miles helping me try on my new lizard-ring.)

 (Very chic if you ask me.)

(Miles giving the lizard the stink eye. My favorite!)

Today is me and baby's 24 week appointment. I can not believe there are only 16 weeks until we meet this little guy. He is always moving around, kicking and saying hello to me these days. I LOVE knowing that there is an adorable little bundle of sweet baby boy living in my tummy. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Knowing what I do now about how much you really love your kids, this pregnancy has been so much more emotional.

The closer I get to holding my angel the more I feel like I know his name. For a few weeks now I have really felt like his name is Felix. I don't really talk about it a lot because in the end, other peoples opinions about what Drew and I decide to name our baby don't really count for much but I felt like sharing today for those who I know are interested. (In other words, if you hate it, keep it to your self...hee hee.)

 Now, before you start thinking about orange kitty cats that live in dumpsters and eat fish bones hear me out...

* Felix means happy, lucky, fortunate and successful. (All of which he will most certainly be.)
* Felix was the name of the chemist who discovered Asprin... (Your welcome.)
* Felix Hoffman was a renowned German Romantic composer. (And we can all be sure this baby will be musical.)
* Felix sounds great with Miles.
* Felix sounds really really cute when Miles says it. (Okay, okay, most things sound cute when Miles says them but still.)
* Felix is better than Linus. At least for this baby boy.

Maybe it won't end up being his name in the end, only time will tell but lately it's the one I like the most for our lil guy.

Also, any interest in learning how to make a bib necklace? Nothing says Merry Christmas like a nice piece of statement jewelry yes?

(Please disregard my stray bangs...I'm trying to grow them out. AGAIN. Bleh.)

Make Monday Awesome.


Wonsch Family said...

soooooooooooooo cute!!!! The name AND the necklace. I want to come crafting!

Lindy said...

I like Felix!
But hate lizards. A lot. I totally see where Miles is coming from with that stink eye. :)
And you've been hitting the crafting hard lately--too cute!

L said...

I LOVE the name Felix!!

Me said...

Ha, Felix. I hate to admit that Granny (when she was here visiting) and my girls and I were discussing your name choices and agreed that Felix was a funny name, but then couldn't stop calling him Baby Felix all week.

The Hargretts said...

You know the full name Felix Blimes does some pretty awesome. Sounds like a good musician name! I also love the necklace!