sick and sexy-fied.

First of all, don't act like you don't want my sweat pants. You know they are awesome. Secondly, what the what!?! 26 weeks??? When did that happen???

Baby is cooking right along here. Moving all the time and getting bigger every minute. I have decided against the name Felix. Yes, I do have a very fickle and ever changing mind. But... I am crazy in love with another name. So much so that I don't want to disclose it all over blog land just yet. But it is good and it makes my heart happy.

In other news, I do NOT enjoy gaining weight. Make it stop! Can't I just get an adorable tiny bundle in my arms without swelling up like a Christmas ham? No? Fine. But when this sucker pops out my body best be ready for some hard core workouts. I can't wait to workout til I feel like puking again! Yes! Bring it! The only problem will be finding the time... and babysitter... and maid... and chef... Whatever no excuses right?

My first born has really been giving me a run for my money lately. Anything resembling a typical sleep schedule has flown out the window. Last night I admitted defeat and slept on the floor in his room to keep him in his bed. Ouch. 6 1/2 months prego + floor sleeping = mommy in pain. What am I going to do???

Tired and a tad cranky,


Domesticated-Bliss said...

I cannot believe your that far along my dear :) It's going by so fast!!! Don't worry you'll be so busy with the 2 boys that your weight will fall right off I have no doubt :)


Ryan and Meagan said...

GIRL we need to chat. I have a nannying gig set up at the end of January and then another to start in April.

Did you create contracts for your parents? I don't know how this works!!!

PS, you are GORGEOUS preg and that weight means you have a HEALTHY baby BOY!!!! It is love chub.