It all began with these little bad boys.

I have to say, I had so much fun planning Miles' second birthday party! It was nice to have a theme and have him be so excited about all the different decorations and little touches. I will say however that I am thoroughly disappointed in my camera for not helping me capture better photos of the festivities... But here we go nonetheless...

He LOVED the Elmo cake my mom made! He kept staring at it and saying "I wanna touch it!?! I wanna touch it!?!" So. Cute.

The Elmo cupcakes were a big hit as well. Drew and I worked on these Christmas night and for the most part they turned out cute...there are a couple in there that look like meth addicts but who's to judge? Miles loved having unlimited access to all the cupcakes his tummy could hold. Really though he mostly picked the eyes, noses and mouths off of the poor Elmos and put them back neatly on the tray. Funny.

(Daddy gave his Elmo eyes to Miles. Miles found it very funny and so did I.)

We made a ton of these tissue paper puff balls, they are so fun and festive and Miles loved them. He called them flowers. Drew helped hang banners and puff balls and my mom graciously hung the streamers.  The day  after the party Miles kept pointing to the streamers and saying  "Amay made that!"

(Miles' new rhythm instruments... Thank you again Granny and Pop Pop! He's in heaven!)

What would a party be without balloons?!? The giant air walker Elmo was a big hit as were all the other balloons. I. Love. Balloons. And so does Miles.

It was a really fun party and we are grateful for the friends and family that helped make it special for Miles!

A very happy Birthday Boy!



Jenn B. said...

Love it, but at the same time, sad to miss it! Happy Birthday to such a handsome little man.

Kristin said...

Looks like a blast M! I always say that the invitations make the party, and your Elmo invitations were THE BOMB! What a fun mama! Hope your Christmas was equally as good!

Lindy said...

Oooo love the use of felt! Sooo adorable! And ya'll really brought Elmo to life with those googley cupcake eyes. Happy Birthday Miles!

Sheena/H2Mommy said...

You are so talented! The party looked adorable and I bet you all had a blast.