baby you're a firework.

(Miles shouting "Happy Birthday!")

My Sweetest Angel,
     Happy Birthday! You are two years old today and I can hardly believe how fast our time together is flying by. Everyone told me it would go by quickly but I had no idea how devastatingly right they were.
     You are my dream come true baby boy. Everyday you amaze me with something new you've learned or some new way you've discovered to make me fall in love with you. You honestly have my heart right there in your tiny little hands. I hope one day you understand just how very very much I adore you.
     This year has been full of growing for you, you learned to talk, you even use sentences! You love to sing your ABC's and the Happy Birthday song and you can even sing on pitch at times!  You love love love music sweet baby!  I can't quite decide which instrument has stolen your heart yet because you enjoy every one you meet!
     You have also become quite the little athlete. Daddy and I won't be surprised at all if you play several different sports when the time is right. You can jump very high, shoot a basket into your Fisher Price hoop, throw a ball straight, catch, spin around and around, climb everything in sight and basically maneuver your way anywhere you want to go!
     You love people and never meet a stranger! You always ask about your grandparents and friends and even some of Mommy and Daddy's friends when they're not around. You are a real people person.  You have great manners and are becoming very fluent with "please, thank you, excuse me and your welcome." It makes my heart happy when you use your manners!
     You can say your very own prayers now and it is wonderful to hear you talking to your Heavenly Father. He loves you so baby boy and I know he is so happy to hear from you. You also love going to nursery every Sunday at church.
     There have been so many wonderful moments with you this year Miles. You make mine and Daddy's everyday so bright and exciting. You bring me a joy that I never knew was possible. One day you'll feel it too sweet guy, when you're holding your own precious bundle of baby. But for now, you are mine to cherish and hold onto so tight because these days are going too fast Miles.
     I couldn't be happier or more proud of you today baby.You are loving, kind, talented and beautiful inside and out sweet man. So often I just stare at you and can't believe you're mine. I am so so so blessed to be your mommy.

Happy Birthday Miles! I can't wait to see what this third year of your life brings!

Here's the part where Miles melts the whole worlds hearts at once. He smiles so happily while we all sing to him and right on cue, without any prompt blows out his birthday candles. My baby is a firework.


Ryan and Meagan said...

So wonderful! Makes me SO excited to see what this next year brings. Words and NURSERY!!! YAYYY! Miles is such a handsome boy! Love the big red bow in your hair too!!

Katie and John Newman said...

Happy Birthday Miles! It is so crazy how fast the time goes!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Happy Birthday Miles!!

Wonsch Family said...

aww happy birthday Miles! Wish we could have been there. Raelee was sad :( We love you Miles!