bib necklace tutorial...

I made this bib necklace for a very special friend recently and she enjoyed it so much I thought I'd share a quick tutorial for yall to make your own!

So, I am ALL about finding great tutorials all around the web and SIMPLIFYING! And that is basically what this is! I have seen several varieties of this tutorial and I pared them all down to one EASY, no sewing machine required, 15 minute project.

Here's what you need:
* Several fabric flowers, bows, and embellishments. It's your world so choose whatever makes YOU feel happy! There are tutorials ALL OVER the web for these. And I'll include some of my faves below.
* Felt for the backing of the necklace (doesn't really matter what color)
* Ribbon measured to the length you want your necklace to hang.
* Hot glue gun

Step 1: Create your flowers and bows/Collect your embellishments

For the teal polka dotted and brown and white rolled flowers:
Go here.

For the orange flower with the button center:
Go here.
(On this one, skip the iron, and sewing machine and just pull some quick stitches thru the center and hot glue on a button! Trust me, it works and is much less time consuming!)

For the bow:
Go here.
(Just make a smaller version!)

For the teal felt rolled rose: Freya taught me this one but I don't see it on her awesome craft blog yet so its basically just cutting a straight long piece of felt and winding it up like a snail. Then pull a couple stitches thru the entire roll to hold it in place!

Step 2:
Cut a piece of felt in the shape of a smile... You choose the size, whatever your bold enough to wear...

Step 3: Try a few practice runs without the glue to make sure you have everything just like you want it and start gluing them onto the felt smile.

I ended up with a blank spot so I added some buttons. You could also use beads, jewels, pennies, whatever you're feeling!

Step 4: Flip it over and glue your ribbon across the back; following the smile of the felt.

Step 5: Cut another felt smile and glue on top so the back is nice and pretty and then tie it on your lovely neck!

And you are simply smashing in your hand made by YOU statement jewelry!

Tip, use a prettier/longer ribbon than the one pictured... I didn't actually glue this one on, but when I took these pics it was the only brown I had!

Have Fun!

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Amanda said...

this is so awesome! i love it. i will have to try this sometime. thanks for sharing! :)