the big bow tutorial.

Yesterday during nap time I made this simple bow in about 10 minutes...maybe less and all I used was felt, needle and thread and hot glue! Now, that's my kinda craft project! Here's the low down so you can make one too!

* Grab felt in your favorite color

* Pick a rectangular object about the size you want your bow to be... (I wanted a big bow so I used a


* Cut around the object.

* Pinch the middle of the rectangle so it looks like... a bow!

* Pull a few quick stitches thru the middle to hold it in place (or you could just use hot glue here too!)

* Then cut a small strip to wrap around the center of your bow.

* Hot glue that bad boy on. (Ends meeting in the back of course).

* Then add a clip/bobby pin/broach pin to the back and voila!


My inspiration for this bow came from here. It's pretty much the same just a nicer and sewing machine involved version! Is she not adorable!?!

Also, baby boy is much much better today! We are looking ahead to a weekend filled with Christmas adventures and family!



freya said...

oooh i love it! i'm definitely gonna add that to my bag of crafty tricks. i also really like the site you got it from. good find.

Megan Joy said...

Hey Marquesas,

cute bow. I was thinking about your little Felix and it reminded me of some of the boys at my preschool and their names. We have a Cooper, a Lincoln, a little boy named Fox and he has a baby brother Jet- I also met a boy named Gibson today (like the guitar- thought Drew may like that one). Just some thoughts!

good luck and merry christmas!!

Megan :)

Kristin said...

Hello Mrs. Blimes! I've had WAY not enough time on blogland lately, and have just finished catching up on all your lovely posts! I love your bow, and necklace, think Miles last year was too adorable, and I'll bet this year he'll be tearing through all that gift wrap before you can even turn your camera one! The name Felix is super cute...the name of a character from one of my all time fav. TV shows, and I can't wait to see what you made for your sister's birthday! Hope Miles is back to all better soon (and that nobody else catches it). Sending hugs your way! Love, ~K

Kim said...

That's so cute! But I really don't think I could pull that off. You, on the other hand, rock that bow like it's nobody's bitness! It really is super cute and perfect!

The Hargretts said...

Great Job Mrs. Crafty!! It's way cute. When I saw you on Tuesday evening I thought it looked awesome. Have fun this weekend with family!!