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Lately Miles is showing more and more just how brilliant he really is.
Lately he is also screeching like a dying wildebeest anytime he's in the car seat. Not good.
Lately I cry and cry and cry to Drew at night. (Pregnancy hormones?)
Lately he always always always listens and tries to fix it.
Lately I am very very very much in love with him.
Lately I have been crafting pretty things for pretty people and hoping they enjoy.
Lately a certain persons' phone calls bring guilt instead of pleasantries.
Lately the baby in my tummy is swimming wildly and weighs a whole pound!
Lately I feel the need for new curtains...again.
Lately I can't believe my baby boy is soon to be two. Two!
Lately I finally got some time with my mama. Just the two of us. We ate junk and watched a movie. Just like we always used to. Let's do that again soon please.

As you could probably tell, things have been bitter sweet around here the past few weeks. I am not good at faking a smile, not even on my blog. I generally let whatever is in me come out here, pretty or not.

With the hardships of late has come increased love from family and friends, extra adorableness from Miles, even more sympathy from my husband and  a renewed appreciation for my Savior. I suppose it is true that if we never experienced the bitter we could not fully appreciate the sweet. I have learned that lesson over and over recently. Is it so wrong to sometimes wonder, "Can I be done learning now?" Probably, but that's just the lazy in me talking.

I am glad to know just where I can turn for peace, aren't you? It's as simple as kneeling down, closing your eyes and opening your heart. It's also pretty great having a hubby who doesn't mind sharing the worries in my mis-connected brain. :0)



White Folk said...

So well spoken Mrs. Blimes...so well spoken.
Know that the White folk love you and our little fam is prayin for yall's and we added your name to the prayer roll too! :)

Barbie and Craig said...

Everything out of your mouth is well-spoken, my friend. Sure hope things get a little more pleasant for you soon. I hope your learning takes a break for a season :)

Love you xoxo

Love your Christmas card, too!!! You'll get one if I decide to do them...haha. Don't hold your breath!! xo

Vicky said...

I love your honesty! The hormones can bring on a multitude of emotions! I was pondering on opposition in all things just yesterday! We loved your Christmas card...you are all so beautiful!