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 Time for a peek into our Christmas home... Our decorations are coming down the day after Christmas because of a certain someones big day... So I figured I'd capture the moment while they lasted!

I like to decorate my hideous chandelier with Christmas ornaments.

 Fabric circle wreath...easiest craft ever (seriously)

 Our tiny tree, way up high so all the munchkins can't tear it apart! And the lovely stockings my sweet MIL hand made for all of us!

The Nativity my MIL gifted us our first Christmas together. I LOVE it so!

The most adorable advent hand made by...you guessed it! My Mother in law! The woman is a whiz with felt I tell ya!

And you've all seen my photo tree!

Miles 2010

Miles 2009

The more things change, the more they stay the same.



freya said...

i love all of your decorations! way to be creative with all the little ones running around. my favorite is definitely the chandelier in all its glittery glory! too cute!

Amanda said...

love your decorations!

Jenn said...

I love you. Also, please stop Miles from growing up so fast. He is a little man!

Chester said...

Lookin' all festive around there M! I was thinking of you yesterday while I was wearing the darling hat you gave me :-). Hope you are well. Just saw your post from Saturday...sending a hug and hoping the sun is shining on you again. Love, ~K
P.S. You should link up this post to our Christmas decor open house blog hop Friday ;-)

Me said...

Hey, I have felt stockings and a felt advent calendar and a nativity set that were given to me by my mother in law, too :)

Me said...

Oh, and we often have to wait to put up our decorations until after Arwen's birthday. This year her birthday fell on the day after Thanksgiving (which is the day I like to decorate) but she wanted to decorate for Christmas on her birthday, so it worked out perfectly!