mail call...

(Pulling. This. Off.)

Dear Harry Potter 7 (part one), I reeeeeally need you to be everything I hope for you. Otherwise I will have watched literally every preview a dozen times for nothing and that will just be sad.

Dear Sue,
I just gotta say, you will forever be the Thanksgiving Queen. Anyone that can get a turkey cooking from beyond the grave has my deepest rescpect and admiration.

Dear Tummy,
You are welcome to stay for a while and even get bigger I suppose, but beware... I am coming after you in May 2011. Your butt is smut. (To alter a less than lady-like phrase).

Dear Christmas Card Photos,
I am sad that it looks as if you won' t happen this year. At least I have an archive full of goodness to choose from.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for getting me. You are so kind to me always. I love that I can honestly say that after all this time (and all my craziness) you have never raised your voice nor spoken an unkind word to me. I love you so.

Dear Hair Accessory I Just made,
You are totally cute enough to fetch a profit. But I'm pretty sure you're too cute to part with.

Dear Baby Boy,
It breaks my heart when you cry at bedtime and say "No Dark! No Dark!" I blame Halloween and all the spooky teenagers dressed as monsters.

Dear Baby Brother,
Your  pictures from the ultrasound have me swooning! I CAN NOT WAIT to meet you! Also, what do you want your name to be lil guy?

Dear December Funds,
Seriously, I have Christmas AND a birthday. Don't run out on me now!

Dear Family,
Let's go to the fair next week. PLEASE. I want to see Miles pet the animals and try his first funnel cake.



Ryan and Meagan said...

Those blue eyes are killllllllllling me. GORGeous.

The Hargretts said...

I totally agree with you on the Harry Potter 7. I was pretty disappointed about Harry Potter 6 so I'm hoping they are stepping it up. Plus the book was amazing so the movie has to live up to it a little.

freya said...

such a cute picture! i want to look ridiculously good looking with my children in pictures one day.... sigh.

i can get a picture of you modeling this new cute hair accessory creation? thanks.

Kristin said...

Hooray for mail call day! Seriously my favorite day of the month (or however often you do them ;-)). I know about the HP. I'm kind already setting myself up for needing therapy afterward. How can such an intense movie be divided up? I just know I'll be bawling until next spring (when the next one comes). In prep for the movie, I'm renting the book on CD today to "read" in AGAIN. Just so it's fresh.- Oh gosh, now I just took up all this space talking about your first letter, there's no room left for the others. :-( - Anyway, hope your week was smashing girl! Talk to ya soon, Love, ~K

Leah said...

HOW is it that you are still so pretty even with a mustache? : )

Kristin said...

Thanks for linking up to TPoTP! Hope you guys got to the fair this weekend! Eat some funnel cake for me :-)