late night rendezvous.

Laying down to go to sleep is exciting lately. The baby has started saying hello in his own special ways. Only at night and only when I am being perfectly still. (I suppose he may be trying to get thru to me during working hours but I'm just far too bust chasing 5 toddlers to notice...) Sorry baby!

But at night, when all is calm and the other boys are still and we're all quiet, baby brother makes his nightly rounds. Kicking, punching, squishing his bottom and tiny yet over sized baby head against my abdomen. It's wonderful. I love feeling him moving around in there letting me know he's made it thru another day just like the rest of us. 

I have a feeling this baby is very excited and anxious to join us in the outside world. I just know he's going to love his big brother so so much. Everyone does after all. :0) This pregnancy seems to be flying by at warp speed. It's odd because to me the days are looooong and exhausting but the weeks are going by so quickly. April 3rd will be here before we know it. 

Thank you all for your congratulations and well wishes! It means a lot to have this baby be so very loved even before he's made his official appearance! Aslo, keep bringin' it with the name suggestions! We neeeed all the help we can get! Miles was out of the oven a whole day (or maybe two) before he officially had a name!

(Also, this little guy and I been having our own late night rendezvous lately as well. More on that later. Or not. It's been a rough few nights.)

Annnnddd... I'm adding my two bits to Windy Poplars Pick of the Patch this week! Join in, it's a hoot!!!

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