wednesday ramble.

 (My hot date and I getting fried while cheering on our NOLES! Good times for sure just too much sun!)

This has been a challenging week so far... but I can feel the tide turning today. We are well, recovering from our horrible sunburns, making final preparations for the big wedding this weekend, jog/walked another two miles last night and this morning Miles found a lizard wandering down our hallway.

It was really perfect until it bit him. Normally lizard bites are laughed off but this time I really struggled getting the lil buggar off of Miles' finger! Finally he released his death grip on my child's finger and Miles and friends continued to play happily with Mr. Lizard.  After a while of being played with tortured the lizard decided to play opossum and it totally fooled us all until Miles tried to touch his eye and he bit him again! It was so sad and so hard not to laugh at the same time! My sweet baby. I asked if I should put the lizard outside and he said yes but as soon as I did he sobbed and sobbed. Sad baby. Smart lizard. It was ok though. Elmo's World made it all better. Elmo's World makes everything better.

In baby bump news...

We were able to hear Little Baby Blimes' heart beat on Monday and the mid-wife said she heard a few kicks and that I should be feeling them soon as there seemed to be a soccer tournament going on in my uterus. Nice! Less than two weeks till we find out what this baby is! I am SOOOOOOO excited! What was I thinking wanting to be surprised? I could never make it that long w/o finding out! Also, I gained two pounds last month so that's alright I suppose. Up five-ish so far (depending on the time of day).

And... I am very excited to be participating in this seasons Fall Fashion Week hosted by emeryjo.blogspot.com! And you can join the fun too! Just snap a pic of your 7 fave fall outfits...one for each day of next week and link up! I can't wait to see what everyones sporting this season! At the end of the week she'll randomly select a winner and they'll receive a FOREVER 21 gift card! Woot!!!

Lastly, a picture of Miles' new favorite game. Pulling Drew or myself in to the bathroom, turning off the light and playing. He'll peek under the door to the lighted rooms outside, jump up and down, climb into the tub, scream "Dark!" It is kind of a strange hobby but the geniuses are always a little strange I suppose.

Sigh, how I love love love him.

Happy Hump Day Friends!!!



Ryan and Meagan said...

*sigh* Gorgeous blue eyes...ahhh

okay. EW lizard. Gross. Trust me, living in california for half my childhood, I became very accustomed to lizards in the house. But more importantly, how to get them OUT of the house. Your post made me laugh because everytime I see a lizard outside, of course Ryan wants to touch it and hold it (always when he's holding Brin, for the love...) and I run away screaming.

Boys will be boys. and unfortunately, he is almost 28...and still likes lizards and snakes and bugs....

Kristin said...

So sad, but so funny about the lizard! I hope your wedding goes really well this weekend, and even though I'll be gone, you MUST e-mail me when you find out if baby Blimes is a boy or girl! Too funny about Miles' new game...hey, cheap entertainment, right?! Happy Thursday M~

Amanda said...

that is a sweet picture of you and miles!!!