much to plan, do and decide...

Do you ever feel like your life is speeding at 1,000 miles per hour and there' s absolutely nothing you can do to slow it down? That's kinda where we are right now. Over the next few weeks we have...

Two weddings to design the ENTIRE array of florals for. 
Maid of honor duties in one of the aforementioned weddings!
Dinners with the sister missionaries.
Softball games every Friday night.
FSU vs BC tomorrow (we're actually going to the game... Woot!!!)
Getting the car fixed AGAIN.
Three Halloween costumes to bring to life.
One adorable baby to smother in hugs and kisses all day everyday.
Fall Festival/Chili Cook Off at church (Watch out world I've been practicing my chili skills!!)
Trick or treating
A trip to Georgia to see MY sister star in Steele Magnolias!!!
Dr's appointments for me...(Hopefully finding out what gender baby is soon!!!)
Not to mention working 55 hours a week!
Hubby studying his hiney off to be ready for the MBA program.
Finding time to visit family.
AND taking care of our home! (You should see the mountain of laundry on my bed right now... or not.)
AND I'm positive that I've left something off the list. Hopefully hubby will remember whatever it is...

WHEW!!! We are busy people!!! At least most of the things listed above are fun things though it's just crazy how busy life can get so fast!

(Miles using the eye-ball suckers to make me a zombie. He basically thought this was the greatest thing ever. And it kinda was.)

Happy weekending friends!!!



Barbie and Craig said...

Holy busyness, friend! That's a crazy life you've got there...crazy good!

That picture with Miles and the zombie eyes is quite possibly my faaaaavorite thing EVER! I'm considering printing it and putting it on my fridge. That's right.

Kristin said...

Hold on tight! Sounds like you've got a whirlwind coming up. It's a blessing to have a calender full of good things though :-) Hope you're enjoying your weekend. We've got a wedding to go to today (and I'm not working it)! Woohoo! Hugs, ~K