warm woolen mittens.

Before I embark on another slam packed weekend of goodness I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things. Because it's so good to look on the bright side a little everyday, yes?

1. Drew's affection. It is constant and unwavering. No matter where we are, no matter what time it is, no matter who's around. I can always count on his arms for a snuggle, his lips for a kiss and his words for encouragement.
*Example* Just last Friday at our softball game I had gotten out at first base (lame) and was coaching the runners coming to third base and I heard someone shout "Wooo Go Third Base Coach!" He loves me and that is my favorite.

2. The place I'm in with my Dad right now. It's honest and sincere and it's been a long time coming. It makes me happy to be able to be myself with him.

3. My sons soft sleepy head at night night time. I love the way it gets all hot and sweaty (Maybe gross to you but that sweat is sweet to me.) Sometimes when I stop playing with is hair he reaches for my hand and brings it right back to work. Love him.

4. Miss Lee's Bangin' Beans. Life changing. We had them with dinner last night and I maybe had them for lunch again today... and maybe planning on more for dinner... maybe.

5. Girls Night Out!!! LOVE me some girls night out. And the giant bucket of ice cream that goes with it.

6.  Really cute pictures of really cute babies. (ahem...Lindsey Lou Photography)

7. The tiny round rump (or possibly head) that woke me up at 3am last night by protruding out of my tummy!!!

8. The skinny jeans my bestie loaned me! Not many things are cuter than a baby bump w/skinny jeans, yay!

9. Pumpkin bread. Oh. so. yummy.

10. Easy, breezy  fall days with little to worry about and lots of love in the air.

Stay tuned for Fall Fashion Week starting Monday! And please join in the fun!

Happy Weekending Loves!



Wonsch Family said...

yay skinny jeans! I bet you're rocking them! Have a fun weekend. Great idea last night BTW for girls night. Sooo fun!

Kristin said...

I'm sooo sad I'm going to miss out on fashion week. Boo. :-( Maybe I'll host another one over at Windy Poplars after I get back. Sounds like loads of fun (and inspiration). Thanks for you "favorite things" post today. I needed it. Having a little stress trying to tie up loose ends for our trip. Today's been a whirlwind nightmare. Reminding myself to breathe deep! Hope your flowers go well this weekend! I'm sure you'll do a great job. Until next time, ~K