some days the goodwill gods smile upon me.

In case you couldn't tell Fashion Week has been tons of fun for me! I LOVE clothing and fashion and dressing up and feeling pretty! Especially when said clothing is so cheap it's practically free.
This dress cost me $3. Yup that's right. I heart Goodwill. We're besties for real.

Man my hubby's a cutie pie!
(From a photo shoot w/the amazing Lindsey Lou... I forgot the belt that goes w/the dress that day...)

And here's my official Fashion Week picture taken Sunday...the same day I took them all. 
(What!?! I watch 5 kids all day! I am NOT walking around in heels!!!)

So here's my fashion dilemma... I am pretty confident with my style when it comes to getting "dressed up" but  when we're talking about day to day clothing I got nothing, Like seriously nothing. HELP!!! What do I need to be wearing other than yoga pants and tiny tee shirts???

Also, date night with the hubby last night... HUGE SUCCESS!!! Siam Sushi you are delish (don't worry grand mamas I had the curry not the raw fish)! That sushi was calling my name something fierce though.
Thanks again A for coming thru at the last minute on the babysitting! 

Tonight: Miles' big night! My baby the dinosaur, accompanied by his two cave people parents,  takes on Trunk-or-Treating...I'm excited to see what he thinks about it this year!

Thank Goodwill it's Friday! 


Sarah said...

I absolutely love that dress - and it's a perfect color with your beautiful hair :)

Lil Muse Lily said...

that dress is a huge score! i never have any luck with goodwill. i guess i just don't have the patience to look through. for furniture and home goods i do though...

as far as some other things you could be wearing:
skinny pants/jeans and button downs or tunics belted or not
high waisted pants and jeans with flats

good luck!

Em-Jae said...

That picture is positively delightful.

I basically live in leggings + chunky sweaters in winter... I think good day to day items include good basics (yoga pants, a good-fitting pair of jeans, colorful tees/tanks), and a few really cute items (a striped shirt, a colorful high-waist skirt, a funky sweater, etc.).
But, I think your style is lovely as-is!

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

Very cute dress! I get most of my clothes at goodwill too, love it! I'm a work at home mom too, I feel best when I go ahead and dress up even for at home with me, myself,and my kids and hubby! I post daily wardrobe and jewelry accessorizing ideas at my blog too and that helps me too.
Love that hair decoration in your date night photo!

Chelsea said...

very cute, both of you!

Lydia Marie said...

I love that dress! I can't believe you scored it for just $3! And your hair is really pretty in that top pic.

E said...

For everyday, I like finding pieces that are still comfortable but have something to them. I love embellishments on t-shirts, fun prints, and cute cardigans.

That dress is awesome!

happy owl erin said...

love this post, so creative and adorable.

KristinChaos said...

I'm pretty sure you guys look perfect together, outfits and all!

Rachael said...

That is SUUUCH a cute picture of you and your hubby!