and there he kept her very well.

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On our second halloween together, still before we were even officially "dating," Drew and I carved a pumpkin and named him Steve. It was a simple little guy with triangle eyes and a crooked mouth but it was ours. I remember lighting him up on the front porch of my ghetto apartment and celebrating with a smooch or two. I'm pretty sure I was wearing overalls that night. ( Don't judge!!! This was like 8 years ago people.)

We missed the next two carving years because Drew was away on his mission but since he's been back we've kept the tradition alive. Turns out, my man is quite the artistic pumpkin carver. This year was no exception and Miles was all about helping me clean out the guts! I even gave him a plastic knife so he could "cut."

Cutting off the top.

Scooping out the inwards.

My baby and the guts.

Hubby gettin' down to business.

Best. Jack-O-Lantern. Ever. (At least Miles will think so!)

Happy Haunting!!!
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Café Bellini said...

The last two photos are great! What a FAB pumpkin. Seriously. I'm impressed.

Megan Joy said...

nice pumpkin! Just found your comment on my blog- and I finally updated it! yay! look forward to finding out if yoru # 2 is a nino or nina!!

Kristin said...

Hello M-girl! Thanks for linking up to TPoTP this week. Oh, and seriously, your hubby has some pumpkin skills :-)