weekend in vague bullets...

- Softball game (lost but we won in fun!)

- Dinner out with our faves (too many onion rings consumed)

- Sick hubby (maybe cuz of the onion rings)

- Heart to heart with my girl (several of them actually)

- Stroll with baby boy (I ended up carrying him most of the way. Way too hot for that.)

- Neighborhood dog sneaking into my house...Shirtless owner racing thru my door after it... (hilarious actually)

- Noles making a mockery of the game

- Grocery shopping (My new life goal is to be able to afford to shop for groceries exclusively at Publix) Not too much to ask right?

- Floral design orders done

- Relief society rockin' my world

- Church as a single mom ( Deepest respect and admiration to all of you that do this every week. How my mama did it I'll never know)

- Baby boy slapping me across the face repeatedly during sacrament meeting.

- Bliss over a new friend

- Sunday nap (oh so good)

- Hubby back to normal and doin' what he does very best, lovin' me.

Weekend done, another work week begun... Bring. It. On.



MA said...

Bliss over a new friend? Nobody better replace me!!!

evelo said...

Sorry to hear Drew was sick! Hope he's all well by Friday night. I thought it was a good first day and I do think it was fun, as a spectator, anyhow!....Vicky

Mrs. Blimes said...

MA, there will never be another you. I miss you everyday. Especially at enrichment last night. Frownie face.

Kristin said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! :-)