to do.

(Hubby and I first night aboard the Fascination)

The weekend is here! Finally!!!

Things I want/must/kinda oughta do this weekend...

1. Play our very first softball game! (Hubby and I joined a team. Yep, we're joiners.)
2. Finally get hubby's birthday gift... Keyless Entry in the CR-V! We are so ready for this!
3. Watch FSU dominate Oklahoma... (fingers crossed for a miracle)
4. Maybe hit my favorite haunts for some new shirts/pants. (What!?! It's fall now, time to update.)
5. Indulge in the donut I have been craving all week long. (Really hoping for this one!)
6. Take Miles for a stroll around the neighborhood. (Without the stroller.)
7. Get down to business planning the floral arrangements for a sweet friends upcoming wedding.
8. Church, ah my Sunday sweetness. I need me some church this weekend. 
9. Quality time with my man. (Sorry, I have been nothing but tired and LAME this week hunny)
10. Just because 10 is a nice number to end a list on... Maybe maybe see about starting Mocking Jay... 


Hoping you find fun with loved ones this weekend!!!

(Miles and Mal. Because they love each other.)



freya said...

i love to do lists! i hope you get to do everything you want and still have time to relax!
keyless entry! oo yes please!

Amanda said...

it sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! :) enjoy it. xoxo

Jenn said...

Cute picture:) I need a copy for sure...

Kristin said...

Did you enjoy that donut?! I didn't know you did floral arranging?! Well, wait, maybe I did...rings a very distant bell. I do/did too! Haven't for awhile, but I'm trained and enjoy it. Did you find some new fashions for fall (and for bein' foxy around the house ;-))?