mail call...

Dear Greys Anatomy, 
     Yes, I will watch again. But don't you DARE try to kill off my McDreamy Cakes again!

Dear Intuition, 
     I knew I had you, I just had no idea how strong you actually were. Thank you for coming through for me today.

Dear Hunger Games,
     I can barely think about you w/o tearing up. (What is WRONG with me?!?) Might as well just read Mockingjay and hope for the best.

Dear Barbie,
     Did you know I adore you? Well, now you do. Your kids' not so bad either. :0)

Dear Fall Friendship Swap,
     I can not WAIT to get started crafting my little fingers to the bone!!!

Dear Sweet Sweet Baby Miles,
     I LOVE that you have been saying "Please." "Thank you." And "Excuse me," all without prompt.

Dear Fall,
     You are so wrong for showing up w/o the nice boot weather you promised.

Dear Readers, 
     I have another little secret surprise for you soon...

Dear Cheesecake in my oven,
     You smell so very yummy. How will you ever make it to Enrichment tonight w/o me sneaking a taste???

Dear Husband,
     Thank you for your kisses every morning when you could just as easily sneak out while I'm still snoozin'. I love you.




Barbie and Craig said...

I MADE A MAIL CALL! Silly that it makes me feel special?? I don't care :)

Here's my letters to a few of your recipients:

Dear Grey's Anatomy,
I quit watching you a couple of years ago because of the insane lesbian activity. But secretly I long for you.

Dear Hunger Games,
I loved you when I read you. Now, the more I think about you, the more disturbed i get. I need to just move on and read Catching Fire, but I fear I don't have 10 hours in a row to read as I did on vacation. Boo.

Dear sweet baby Miles,
Please remind Porter that I shouldn't always have to remind him to use his manners, but thanks to you both for using them in the first place! And I think you're a mega hottie baby boy!

Dear M,
I love you. I love your blog. I love your mail calls, and I love your secret :)



Amanda said...

i love love your mail call posts! and i would take a piece of that cheesecake please! :) oh and can't wait to hear your surprise secret!!!

Gabe and Christina said...

Do you have something else baking in your oven? ;) Couldn't help myself.

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Yaaa I'm watching the last 2 episodes of Grey's right now to get pumped for next week! And ya...the whole lesbian action freaks me out and I def half close my eyes on those parts.

That cheesecake tonight....FABULOUS. I ENHALED it.

Sooo good. Lets hang soon!

Mrs. Blimes said...

LOL ladies! Heart you all of course!

B, you make me smile so!

I quit Greys when they went all cra cra lezbo too! But alas, I returned and just look away like you Mrs. Briggs! I really don't see the point in them adding that to the show. Really.

C... wouldn't you like to know!?! :0)

Love you all


Kristin said...

Woohoo for mail call days w/ M!!! My super-fav. stop of the blog circuit! How lame of a reader am I that I didn't even see it until just now. Boo. Something's gotta give when you don't have enough time in your life for blog reading... Hugs to you M! Oh, and SUPER excited about that FFS letter. Of course that puts no pressure on me or anything! :-)

Anonymous said...

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