sunday sisters.

There are many reasons why I love going to church on Sundays but lately my favorite part has been the sisters there. The older (than me) sisters. Women that have been through it, survived and lived to share the lessons learned.

Looking around Relief Society I see dozens of these beautiful, strong, seasoned sisters that I know hold all the worlds wisdom in their hearts.  I love to hear then testify of truth. I love to see their faces light up with the glow of the gospel.  I love the pride shining in their eyes when they tell of their children's and grandchildrens successes.

It's Saturday night and even though today has been great, like REALLY great, I am very much looking forward to tomorrow morning; 9 am. So I can be surrounded by my earthly angels once again.

You ladies probably have no idea how much impact you really have. You have no idea that you are not only my earthly angels but lights along the path of many many of your sisters. And lots of you have no idea this blog even exists but I just wanted you all to know I'm grateful. Grateful for your presence, your testimonies, your strength.  It gives me hope for my tomorrows. That they can be bright, and full of love. That youth isn't all there is to life like the world tries to tell us. That good things get better with age and the best things grow  right along with us.

My heart is full tonight because of you.


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Barbie and Craig said...

So awesome, and so true! Can't wait till I get to be in rs again...it is SUCH a blessing and a strength! Xoxo