on waking.

This morning the song of my cell jarred me from sleep. It was pretty early and I was really hoping it wasn't a parent calling from my doorstep asking why I'm not awake to welcome their sweet babe for the day. I leaped from bed before realizing my left leg was still completely asleep.


Ouch. Crap! It is a parent! Act normal, use a very awake sounding voice!

Luckily they weren't on my door step. They were calling to cancel care for the day.

I laid in bed willing my leg to stop tingling for the next ten minutes. I HATE that feeling, The feeling of a waking limb.

Then my baby cried for his Daddy and I hobbled to his rescue.

After we readied ourselves for the day, (i.e. threw on a tee shirt and sweat pants and pulled the hair into a bun) I tried to make french toast for breakfast and ended up with a piece of burnt bread with fried egg on both sides of it. Ha!

Only I can make french toast like that people.

Miles at least enjoyed the powdered sugar atop!


Happy weekending to you dears, I plan to make some good things happen over the next two days. Provided I can muster up a few more ounces of energy...



Me said...

I've been known to make french toast that looks like it has a fried egg on both sides... I can't seem to get the milk to egg ratio right.

Me said...
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Vicky said...

Wow, I would never have known your day started out like that watching you zoom around the bases and play so well last night. You definitely had turned the day around!