warning: this ain't gonna be pretty!

So far lookin' foxy has been harder than I anticipated. Turns out I don't really have many casual clothes that I would consider foxy... So, here's what I wore last week.

Monday:  Workin' the hand-me-down shirt and "jorts." (jean shorts) Drew HATES my jorts.

Tuesday: I wore this exact outfit when I was 9 months prego with this lil guy. Time for a wardrobe update!

Wednesday: This one's ok but no effort or thought was required. 

Thursday: Yep, those are stretch pants. So not hot. Plus, no make-up.

Friday: Note to self...these jeans do not make you look as thin as you think.

Saturday: still in Friday's hair..bleh

I will say that I actually did look pretty cute on Sunday but alas it is not pictured. I DEFINITELY need to up my game around here!


Mandy said...

That green scoop neck tee is gorgeous on you. :D

Amanda said...

you look cute in all the pics! :)

Barbie and Craig said...

You are gorgeous and I would kill for that HOT BOD!

p.s. Craig calls jean short "jorts" too!!! He's never called women's shorts that, though...just men's and baby boy's, which he HATES. He doesn't hate mine, though, or at least he hasn't admitted to it.


Mrs. Blimes said...

Awe shucks gals, yall are too kind (and you KNOW it!) But I love the compliments anyway!

B, that is HILARIOUS!!! Jorts! hee hee

Leah said...

I was prepared for scary by reading your post title, but you are just adorable! : )

Kristin said...

I totally know what you mean: trying to look cute around the house is NOT easy! As I'm typing this (at 1pm) I'm still sitting in my bathrobe b/c I'm determined to be lazy today (although a TON of stuff needs doin') - but it's the first (and maybe the only) day I've had home in weeks! I've tried to purge my "home clothes" over time...getting rid of the stained, the stretched, and the holey, and actually BUY some cute home clothes. Like track suits (esp. velvet ones for winter), and tighter (you know for DH's benefit) yoga pants, and lower tops, etc.- I just don't naturally think that way when I think "comfy", but alas - I suppose lower/tighter camis can be just as comfy as old paint-splattered tees. :-) - Good luck my friend! - Off to shower and get foxy!