A smattering of goodness!!!

Ok, ok so I only read 1 book this month. Get off my back! It was The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks  and it was great! (even if Miley Cyrus was on the cover) 

But, hubby and I did embark on the adventure of reading the Old Testament a couple weeks ago  and we've made it through Genesis already! (So, that's technically a book right?) It's a lot less boring than I thought! So far it's been full of murder, scandal and intrigue.  And I have learned that, sadly, people today aren't so very different than people waaaayyy back then. The only down side has been that all the songs from Joseph and the Amazing Techni-Color Dream Coat have been stuck in our heads for like a week now!

So, that's a wrap on the July project "Reading Good Books" and we're on to August!


 My happiness project for the month of August is going to be "Looking Foxy!" I really need this one right about now because the messy, snot covered, make-up-less, bun rockin wife that my husband comes home to everyday is sad and pathetic! Not to mention I just feel better when I actually make an effort to look presentable. 

So, the goals for the month are:

1. Do my hair and make-up everyday.

2. Wear something other than grubby tee-shirts more often than not.

3. Document my outfits in pictures to track my success and share the fun!

(yeah, he comes home to the one on the left every day. SCARY!!!!)


ONE MORE THING!!!  (I know right?!? But this is a GOOD one.)

This week is Confessions Week over at Windy Poplars! If you haven't met her via blog land, you are missing out on  one of the sweetest souls you'll ever  know!
 Everyday this week I'll share a little something about myself that maybe you didn't know! Pop on over and join the fun!

Windy Poplars

My confession for today... 

I never take off my old toenail polish...I just paint over it! Mwahahahahahah!

Don't judge me.



Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

LOL @ your confession! No judging here but one question....... how thick of a layer of paint have you got now?

Anna Baur said...

love the confession! and the updates on your month behind and ahead. although, I like the messy look too! My hair is stick straight, and I'd love to have it do something other than stick to my head when I don't do it!!

Kristin said...

Oh M! Love you! When are you gonna move next door to me? ;-) Your confession for today is hilarious! Don't worry, no judging! Whatever works, right? I know, I'm guilty of being frummplestiltskin too sometimes when hubby comes home. He deserves so much better! Thanks for the reminder...I'm going to make an effort this week.- I also think it's great that you're reading through the Old Testament together. Seems like we always have our devotional time separately, and will sometimes discuss it, but I would love to spend time reading through the Bible together. I'm sure much blessing with come from it. Any soda yet today? - Thanks for joining in the confession fun! Can't wait to see what more you have to share :-) Hugs, ~K

Jamie Lee said...

I LOVE reading anything by Nicholas Sparks, he's amazing.
& FYI you still look pretty without getting all done up! :]

Mrs. Blimes said...

Nikki, hee hee!!! You don't even wanna know how much polish is on these toes! It ain't pretty!

Mrs. Blimes said...

Awe, thanks jamie! made my day!