the happiness project: quesas style

As an avid reader of O magazine I came across a most intriguing and challenging article a couple months back. A woman (can't remember her name but she was pretty much awesome) designed an entire year of her life around little ways of making herself, and in turn those around her happier. So, I have been inspired to begin my own little happiness project. A few weeks ago I wrote down a list of 12 simple things that make me feel good. So, each month I am going to focus on one thing from the list and really try to incorporate it into my day-to-day life.

So, for accountability's sake here's the list...

~ laughing with drew

~ gettin crafty

~ working out till I'm dripping with sweat

~ cooking really good food

~ hanging out with friends

~ looking foxy

~ being outdoors

~ reading good books

~ serving others

~ blogging up a storm

~ dancing like a wild jungle woman

~ being a great mom

I am excited to focus on the little things in life that make me smile... and hopefully I'll have some ground breaking epiphany like the woman who wrote the article and end up in O. Seriously, you should really subscribe.

But for real, I have decided to begin with the first thing on the list so for this month I will especially try to be more easily entreated and light hearted. Drew is a VERY easy going guy and is pretty darn funny so this one should be a breeze... I just gotta relax and let myself enjoy a good laugh alot more often. Maybe I'll even share some funny things that happen this month with you!

So... what's on your Happiness Project list?


Tricia said...

You are as inspiring as ever! Good idea about the happiness project. Oh hey. . . you got a new name for your blog. I guess I'll have to hear the long story sometime.

Mamzelle-Deybow said...

you are beautiful !