the good wife in me. (again)

Everyday this week, as soon as he walks in the door, run up to your sweetheart and give him a great big hug and a welcome home kiss. Just drop whatever it is you're doing and greet him as soon as he walks in!

( If it's you that "walks in the the door" just run over and hug him anyway and give him a big ole sloppy "I missed you all day'"kiss)

I did this everyday last week and it really helped set a positive tone for the rest of our evenings together. I don't even think Drew realized I was making the effort but it made me feel more loving and like a better wife. And it was nice because after the first couple days Miles joined in on the hugs. It felt good to welcome him home after his long day at a job that's less than his ideal.

I've read somewhere that the first four minutes of interaction after a spouse arrives home sets the mood for the rest of the day/night.  So why not try this week, to make every night together start off with a tender embrace and a sweet little kiss.

Speaking of hugs... One of my favorite websites posted this video a week or so ago and I had to share. It's sure to bring a smile to your face and maybe even a tear or two. I LOVE it.


carlotta said...

this is such a sweet post! love that photo :)

Café Bellini said...

What, how can they BAN free hugs?! I don't get that at all.
I think you are SO right. I will definitely make the effort and give my husband a HUGE hug and kiss every night this week. Thanks for the idea and reminder, you're fab!

Cole said...

so simple but so important. thanks for the reminder.

Queen Dietz said...

ok so im gonna try this. i hate to admit it but after a day of cleaning, cooking, whining, crying, teething, i usually just pass off our boys and try to finish up what im doing. ill keep ya posted on how it goes. thanks!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Great reminder :) Thanks babe!

suzy said...

i do this too!
my favorite part of the day is greeting my hubby at the door. :)