change is the only constant.

Miles is officially in nursery. (See, when kids turn 18 months in our church they leave their mamas and daddy's during church and attend their own special Sunday school class. Nursery) I guess he has been for a month now but it's officially sinking in. It's sinking in deep. Way down in this sappy, mush-lined, candy filled  mommy heart of mine.

I love to see him having fun and interacting with all the other kids and the sweet sweet nursery leaders but at the same time it kills me to leave him.  How do people do this? Watch their kids grow up I mean. I feel like every milestone he meets is this inner conflict between euphoria and torture. I'm happy for his success and that he's becoming such a wonderful little boy but I am so so so torn apart by how fast it's all happening. 

Then, after church as I was sitting cuddling my husband and wonderful baby boy I couldn't help but think. "Perfect. Things really couldn't be better than they are right this moment." But things are constantly changing! Miles is getting bigger and we are getting older and nothing is staying the same! 

I know there's nothing to do but enjoy every remaining second of his sweet babyhood and this blessed season of our lives. I just can hardly think about how fast he's growing without tearing up. 

Am I alone in this or are there other people out there that are just so darn happy with the way certain things about their lives are that they don't EVER want them to change?



Kristin said...

Hello M! Happy Monday :-) I know what you mean...I often wish I could push a "pause" button and live here forever! BUT, with each difficult change, comes a new delight (think of the caterpillar changing to a butterfly and all that). I just try to completely live each day where I am now, so I don't miss the fullness of each moment. Enjoying everything I'm surrounded by and not live in the anticipation (or dread) of tomorrow too much! Easier said than done, but I try :-) Hope you have a great week ahead of you! Any fun plans?

Katie and John Newman said...

I know what you mean!! It was so hard to drop Kiley off at nursery and not have her want me, but at the same time I was so happy she was adjusting to this new change in her life. I just can't imagine dropping her off at college! It makes me really think about how my parents felt when I was growing up!