Please remind me to NEVER play softball again. (ok, at least tell me to practice for a few weeks before a game that way my body isn't in total shock the next day)

I am barely mobile today. It hurt getting dressed for church. It hurt sitting in the pews. Not good. I knew I was gonna be sore if I didn't go easy at the tournament. But there is an aggressive, competitive beast lurking inside me that just won't allow me to not give 100% out there. I really should join a city team so I'm not so ridiculously excited about playing this one time a year. Maybe if it was a regular occurrence I wouldn't' be so rough w/myself.

But I was and now I'm paying for it. The homerun was so worth it but I just hope I am at least able to lift the babies tomorrow!

Any who, tomorrow the big confession! You ready? Have you voted? I gotta say it's pretty hilarious reading the vote results! I just love you guys!

Have a great Sunday!



Sarah Ann said...

Haha... But you did so well playing, right?! :) Sorry for your soreness!

Kim & Stace said...

love this blog title! ha! good job on your sweet softball skillz!

Kristin said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. I can be that way too. Not work out and then throw myself into something (dance, gardening, whatever) and then can't move without pain for a week. Maybe one of these days we'll learn!

tallygirl_18 said...

I'm sore too!!! It took me almost 10 minutes to make it down the stairs! LOL!! We should Make a city league team.... I'm now having softball withdrawals!