does a body good.

Yesterday during miles breakfast I was soraing. He was eating apples, bananas, oatmeal and milk! I LOVE when he eats good foods. It is challenging enough to get the boy to eat junk food so when he chows down on the good, healthy stuff I swear my heart sings!

It occurred to me then that it must be the same with Heavenly Father. He is probably really happy when we eat and drink only things that do good for our bodies. On the other hand He is probably really sad when we don't.

There are many foods I eat and beverages I drink (ahem...cherry coke) that are unhealthy to put it nicely. And many times I have had the desire to quit them for good or atleast cut back my consumption. I haven't, because well, I don't like to fail and I'm pretty close to sure I would crash and burn at eating and drinking nothing but good for me foods and drink. Wouldn't I?

Maybe I'll start slow and try to wean myself off the junk grdually...maybe? I am fond of making Heavenly Father happy and being healthy. Plus I want to set a good example for my sweet baby boy.

I'll give it a try. No promises though... except that I will try. I did just conquer my oldest and worst habit after all... Three months free!

Wanna know what it was? Maybe I'll confess sometime this month!



Sarah Ann said...

That's an awesome comparison! I'm sure God loves when we feed ourselves healthy things!

Jenn said...

How do I enter...? HA! I guess I'll sign in and "follow" you now:P

Love ya!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Great analogy M :) and great point!

Sometimes when I eat/drink bad stuff I justify it by saying it's only affecting me but that's not true is it?

Yay on your followers! I'm so excited :)

Barbie and Craig said...

I am fond of making Him happy, too. Good stuff.

And now I TOTALLY have to know what that "thing" was...TELL ME!

MsHark said...

ohh I am intrigued, do share! :)

I'm trying to eat healthier, I know I need to but at the same time I feel like I better enjoy it before I move to China & can't get it!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i am so going to follow you. : ) your blog is presh. i love your header shot - too cute! your miles is adorably handsome! i love it when my lil guy eats well, too - it is a challenge when they don't! i totally agree with you about the whole eating healthy thing! happy easter weekend to you!