March Happiness Project Wrap up...

So, my Happiness Project theme for the month of March was "gettin crafty." Overall I didn't craft as much as I'd like this month but what I did was fun and just what I needed to express my creative side!

Flowers for a great couples wedding... Lots of work but so much fun! I love designing floral arrangements. Flowers are involved, how can it not be awesome? Thanks again MA for teaching me everything I know! And Maranda for helping out with the boutineers!

Complete with hair accessories for the bridesmaids (thanks to a FUN night crafting w/the girls!)

A couple more headbands you've already seen for the Give Away. Hurry and enter it ends tomorrow at midnight!

A tie for my sweet baby boy using this tutorial. (Actually made this in Feb. shh.)

And a No Sew curtain!

Not bad for a month... I've still got a couple projects in the works though. Very excited for them!

As far as April goes I think I'm going with item #10 on the list "Blogging up a storm!" I'm going to try to blog most days in April... or atleast as often as I can think of something remotely interesting to say! Get ready for ALOT of me! Ok, you can have some cute cute baby too.

Also, I just wanted to thank you all for the kindness and support offered after my last post. I think it's good to be real sometimes and it's nice to know you're ok with it.

Love you,


Little Lovables said...

what a lovely blog, so glad you found mine! as for the mantle decorating and where to begin, I always like to put the biggest thing on first, and kind of build around that.

good luck and having fun is the most important thing!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I think that was a very successful March :) Looking forward to April!

Barbie and Craig said...

I am friends with Brooke! She's awesome! I watched her little man Jackson for her from when he was 3 months old until 9 months old...he was always bigger than Porter, too, and he's three months (to the day) younger than him! My little jay-bird is a chunker and he is DELICIOUS!!! I miss him (and Brooke!) terribly!!! She is a super fun girl and she takes rockin' pictures, so if you're ever in Jacksonville hit that girl UP!

Small world, huh!?

Barbie and Craig said...

p.s. have I mentioned that I find your blog refreshing and addicting?? I'm MUCH looking forward to you writing everyday :)