Why I love March...

Inspired by Jessica... She has always been someone I admire for many reasons. It's so good to be back in touch and get to read her ramblings. I think you might like them too! Go ahead visit her blog....I dare ya!

So, here we go... my top 10 (off the top of my head) reasons why I LOVE March!

1. It's my BIRTHDAY month!

2. Spring is so close I can taste it!

3. Daylight savings! I know we "loose" an hour but it's so nice that the sun is out later!

4. Spring fashion! I love window shopping the sassy spring styles!

5. Time to plant the wild flowers outside my front window I've been waiting all winter to plant!

6. Daylight after I'm done working for the day means more HAMMOCK time! Oh yes.

7. Easter is on the way... 3rd Annual Egg launch here we come!

8. I think my list has turned into a "Why I Love Spring" list...hmmm

9. March puts us one month closer to our HUGE family goal we're working toward this year. (more on this later)

10. And one step closer to baby time (no...not yet) :0)

since my last post my baby has cut down to only nursing once a day. sniffle. sniffle. he's practically a grown up. WHY GOD WHY?


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