post your baby braggin blog!!!

LOVES TO SIGN: "more" "please" and "help"

LOVES TO SAY: daddy, doggy, ball, balloon, mama, get it, uh oh, banana

LOVES TO DO: Play and run crazy with his pals Anna, Brayden, Timmy, and Abi. These kiddos are MISCHIEF MAKERS. Believe it! Music and dancing! He does all the moves to "If you're happy and ya know it" and "The Wheels on the Bus" Seriously gotta post that up on video soon! It is ADORABLE! Putting shoes on. Stomping. Showing his belly button so Daddy will tickle it. Wild things... flying through the air, climbing into chairs, thru fences, over gates...w.i.l.d. Nurse. Baby loves his boobie! (yes i am still nursing. no. i do not care if you have an opinion about it.) reading book after book after book. pretending to eat the foods in books, pet kitties in books, be bitten by alligators in books... he finds this HILARIOUS and so do I! Terrorize Mable. Play outside. Play Drums!

LOVES TO EAT: Organic whole milk. Mac-n-Cheese. Fiber one bars. Peanut Butter on a spoon. Chocolate ANYTHING. Yogurt. French Fries. Oatmeal. Mashed Potatoes. Cheese. Peas.

Hates: Bed time. Nap time. Not being allowed to venture into the garage, bathroom, out the front door... brocolli (can't blame him there) getting clothes on after a bath. The carseat.

There are so many fun things to post about my sweet baby. I just wanted to put these down somewhere so I never forget the cuteness of this stage he's in right now.


Barbie and Craig said...

Yay for Miles being so awesome! AND I do have an opinion about you still nursing. I'm jealous and I think it's da bomb. I'm sure you remember my post about stopping the boobies. I had it up for like a year cause i NEVER blog anymore. People were begging me to blog cause they were sick of my boobie post.

You go girl!!!!! He is the cutset thing ever!!!

Blonde Ambition said...

I love it when people keep the crying pictures of their kids - it's such a breath of fresh air :) I also love that you're beaming through it too!


michelle said...

Miles is such a cutie patootie! I love that picture of Anna and him. I just want to scoop him up and kiss his baby neck. It makes me miss my babies being babies. Gives me a little baby fever until I read about him being wild and I remember how wild 1 year olds are and then I'm good :)