mail call

Dear Flowers for L's wedding,
Thank you for not dying before the big day. You were almost as lovely as the blushing bride! almost.

Dear Drew,
Why do you keep trying to sleep with your hand covering my whole face? It's quite hard to breathe.

Dear Forever 21,
I don't care if I'm 50. I will always love you. (even if your clothes can be a little scanty at times) ok, all the time.

Dear Brownies I just made,
You are so very very yummy. I will try hard not to eat all of you before Drew arrives home.

Dear Readers,
Ask me anything and I promise an honest answer.

Dear Olivia,
Sometimes I really HATE you for moving. Other times I'm ok.

Dear Boobs,
I have a feeling we're not gonna get along anymore w/o all the milk holding you two up. crap.

Dear guy from Avatar,
How do you make blue alien look hot?

Dear Drew again,
You are hotter. And you are my prince forever. Can I have a foot rub? My dogs are killing me.

Dear Mean Man,
I hope you have diarrhea today. In a public place.

That is all.


Oh yeah, do we look alike to you?


Wonsch Family said...

hmmm, I'm pretty sure I know who the mean man is. Am i right? and yes, Miles is your boy twinner.

Blonde Ambition said...

Love this post - it is so very you :) Tell your boobs they need to be a pal and support you even after the Meester feeding is ended :)