wanna talk about money?

Yeah, me neither but I'm gonna.

Drew and I have a Plan this year. A financial Plan. We call it THE ONE YEAR PLAN. {insert loud dramatic music} It involves A LOT of work and a limited amount of fun and extras. (ok, we are taking a vacation in august but by then we will have earned it darnit!)

According to The Plan, we will meet a HUGE financial goal in December. Whew. It's only March.

So Drew decided it would be a good motivator if we made a chart to track our progress. So, he outlined a $ on a big poster board and I filled it in with gliter and confetti and then we glued paper strips over it.

We pull off one strip each time we reach another milestone toward our goal. He was right. It is motivating! Espescially knowing exactly what each strip represents.

One strip closer to freedom!

Though it is daunting knowing we still have 9 months ahead of us. That's a lot of strips.

But we can do it. We will do it. Ya know why?

He's why.



Kim & Stace said...

you can do it Marquesas and Drew! I love your idea!

Looks like our minds are on the same subject tonight!

MA said...

you go girl! very motivating!

miles is getting so big. i don't even know him :(

Blonde Ambition said...

Love it! Visuals are always motivating! So proud of you guys :)

Megan Marie said...

That is the best post! Now I feel like making a poster to keep up with my own goals! Glitter is magical like that.