So the February edition of The Happiness Project (quesas style)
was a delicious and wonderful success! I was able to cook up something yummy atleast once a week all thru the month!

In February we dined and dished over:

Chicken Cordon Blue

Korean BBQ (thanks MA)

Crab stuffed manacotti...mmmm

Also... but not pictured...

Delish Betty Crocker Pot Roast

Cheesy Chicken Mar-Quesadillas hahahahahahaha!

I had a really good time preparing these yummy dishes and and even better time eating them and seeing others enjoy them! I love making peoples tummys happy!

If you're interested in any of the recipes just ask! I'm not one to hide good things away!

How was your February?



MA said...

hmmm i'm hungry now! lovin' that korean bbq! i miss you girl- so much it hurts!

Blonde Ambition said...

Quesas - great project and your food looks awesome! I'm sure the hubbs enjoyed this month's theme :) good food is the way to a man's heart!