and love shined through all the windows

today has been better. thank you Lord for this day. i had energy, and fun and a whole hour one-on-one with my tiny guy! we were both smitten and exhilarated with being each others only one for a while. we share each other with wonderful friends for most of everyday so it is always a happy surprise when we get to steal away just the two of us (even if one of us was so excited to get outside and watch the neighbor rake that he bruised his head on the concrete patio)

yes, today has been better (especially since the above mentioned neighbor actually did rake instead of just blowing his leaves into my yard!)

Thanks for the kind words. they made me laugh and smile and feel known and loved.

I am excited for tomorrow... we put up our Valentines decorations today and the kiddos are gonna love em!!!

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MA said...

I want to see your Valentine decorations. I need some ideas, since I don't have any! Hope you have a fabulous Monday and a terrific week!