On to February!

Seems like January just FLEW away while I wasn't looking. So far the happiness project is a success I'd say. Drew and I had some crazy good laughs this month, lots involving Miles and some involving things to mean or inappropriate to post! (ha, yes we sometimes get a chuckle at someone elses expense... judge away it is still funny!)

Let's see, we giggled alot over funny shows like The Office, 30 Rock, How I met your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.

We had some really good laughs late at night just the two of us... :0)

We spent a great weekend with our family in Tampa (always lots of laughs with those crazies)

Living with Drew is funny more often than not. I always say he's a quiet guy unless he has something funny to say and when it's just us here he is always letting the jokes roll. Sometimes I crack a few myself but I'm definitely not the funny one... I'll take role of hot one for now! Although Drew ain't so bad himself!

There were ofcourse moments that weren't so funny when life got a little too heavy but it was nice to keep the goal of being more easily entreated in the fore front of my mind.

So, for this month I'm gonna work on COOKING REALLY GOOD FOOD! Since it's my year to plan Valentines Day this one will work right in! I just found the absolute most perfect recipe today that my valentine will L-O-V-E!

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