so i'm pretty sure i have never been quite so tired in all my life. not sure why but something has zapped my energy and taken all my quesas-ness away tonight... somedays are just hard ya know? Disappointed, stressed, hopeless... blah. I'm gonna go read some scriptures in bed and snuggle down with hubby for the night. hopefully that will help me count my blessings and stop whining. any words of encouragement would be lovely...

god bless us all.


michelle said...

Maybe you're pregnant... ;) or you are just taking care of other people's kids all day. Those are the 2 things I know that make a girl totally exhausted and moody.

Jennifer Porter said...

Chocolate....and this too shall pass, but I like chocolate better.

Jenn said...

hey girl!! we both just need a change of scenery!! skiing sound fun?? just say the word!

freya said...

i feel ya girl.
we both need to hang in there!

i'm excited to see you tomorrow night!

MA said...

Just pulled out my "Live and Learn and Pass it on" book. Here's some good ones:

I've learned that kindness is more important than perfection. Age 70

I've learned that every great achievement was once considered impossible. Age 47

And my favorite:
I've learned that you can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk! Age 7

Love ya, Miss ya!