tis the season

for forgiveness. I'm not sure what it is about this time of year, but I always feel more gracious, understanding and forgiving...

Dear best fitting jeans in my closet... I forgive you for having a hole right on the BUTT! (even though it causes a very annoying draft.)

Dear Gossip Girl
... I forgive you for letting me down once again with your complete lack of any sense of moral fiber... I forgive you but the boycott stays... sorry S and B and my dear dear Chuck (I'll always love you're style.)

Dear Rhodes Rolls... (or maybe this one should go out to my sister for introducing us)... I forgive you for helping make the aforementioned best fitting jeans in my closet a little less best fitting.

Dear sweetest Meester... I suppose I should forgive you for growing so much this year and breaking and making my heart all at once... seriously child, take it easy on me!

Dear Oprah... nope, I'm not ready yet to forgive you for setting the date of your last show. Seriously, please don't run for office...stick with show biz. I still have love for you though (even if you are trying to take over the world)

Dear all friends with pregnant bellies or fresh babies... I suppose in the spirit of the season I can let it slide that you have all given me an OVERDOSE of baby fever. (no. we will not be "trying" anytime soon... sorry grandmas!)

I think that's plenty gracious for one day. Happy Holidays everyone! Go kiss your sweet babies and loved ones!



Barbie and Craig said...

Love it. And my husband, yes, my HUSBAND got me caught on Gossip Girl. I totally bought a headband the other day because I thought Blair would wear it, and I want to dress like her. Hate the infidelity, though. Serena deserved a bash in the head. And Craig wants to be Chuck. Like, be him.

Mrs. Blimes said...

Ha! Barbie that is HILARIOUS!!! GG is so so wrong for so many reasons but the fashion is TO DIE FOR!!

The Boob Nazi said...

I liked GG for a while, but then it just got SO ridiculous. Serena and a married guy? COME ON. I mean, she hasn't had the best example from her mother, but seriously? A married man? Disgusting.