ticking the days away

until my angel turns one. I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone! So so much has changed and still so many things feel exactly the same. Miles is walking. My baby is WALKING. Are you kidding me? Drew and I watched his "birth video" yesterday. It always makes me cry. I was heavily drugged but it was still the most amazing moment of my life. I can only imagine what full conciousness would've been like. (probably too much for my weak soul to handle) Creating life. wow.

Can you tell I'm feeling somber and nostalgic today? I have 3 sweet sleeping little ones right now. What is it about a sleeping child that just fills the room with peace? Miles has taken to his own bed now-a-days but he joins us for the occassional midight snack... I can't honestly say I hate it. And sometimes I maybe let him stay a while after he's done noshing... or maybe the rest of the night. He's only going to be 345 days old once ya know. Same goes for 346 and 347. My baby is growing up on me. It makes me want to call my mama and tell her that I love her and appreciate her being there to hold me and teach me things like how to walk and how to talk.

Maybe I'll do that now... first a few pictures... since it's been like a year.

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Vicky or Matt said...

It just all goes too fast! He's adorable and it's fun to watch your family! Vicky