we {heart} our hammock.

Yesterday afternoon, when all our work was finished, baby boy and I lazed in the hammock under the shade of our oak trees. Meester absolutely LOVES the hammock. Me too really. I always wanted one growing up. We had a porch swing for most of my life but it's really not comparable. A hammock is much more luxurious and comfy.

My Meester is growing so big so fast. I can hardly believe he just went for his 6 month check-up. More shots. Boo. He is average height and head size but he's a little on the lean side. I guess I must produce skim milk or something. I always thought I'd have big ole chunky babes but the Meester is just a little hard body in the making I suppose. tee hee.

6 Month Stats

26 3/4 inches tall... that's the 49th percentile

16 lbs 9 oz... that's the 24th percentile

44.2 cm head circumference... and the 50th percentile

Speaking of hard bodies...P90X is chugging along. We've begun our second "recovery" week (right). The other night upon finishing Kenpo X Plus and walking by a mirror I just had to take our picture cuz we looked so tore up it was humorous. This beast is really kicking our butts. Just a little over 30 days to go now though. We can make it.

So far the before the end of summer list is still full. Although I did start re-decorating the kitchen this week so maybe that will be my "beautiful creation." Probably not but stay tuned for before and after pics anyway! The new kitchen style...retro cherry! I lurve it already!!!

Stay cool out there and don't miss the chance to make your own Before the End of Summer List!!!



Jenn said...

love the post-workout picture!

freya said...

yes! hammocks are great! and i agree miles is growin like a weed! i love the post work out picture too. it's hilarious. and i can't believe summer is almost over i'm so sad, i've done like nothing i told myself i wanted to do this summer. :(

Lauren said...

Your baby is so so cute!

I want to try that work out!