12:09 am...never never never brag about your baby.

So tonight when Boobie got home from his churchy meetings he was on the phone with our darling sister catching her up on all the adorable and super duper baby things Meester has been up to lately when I heard him utter the fated words... "he's been sleeping all the way thru the night lately." Even before he finished his sentence I knew we were doomed.

See, I've made this mistake before. It seems every time I boast about my child's super sleeping abilities the VERY SAME night we have a MAJOR sleeping setback. I knew this was coming and sure enough about 25 minutes ago I was awakened by the sad whimpering sounds of the Midnight Meester. Midnight Meester is not very much fun. (Unless you're snuggling him in the big bed with a breast readily at hand. Then he's the softest, sweetest cuddle bug you ever did see.) Those pitiful whimpers all to quickly turned to full out screams. Boo.

So, here I am at 12:11 am listening to my sweetest babes most saddest sounds ever waiting for my next "check in." Ever heard of Sleep Learning? Yeah, they say it's the best thing you can do for your baby but it seems like torture to me. I am about two sobs away from yanking him from that sad, lonely crib and snuggling him up next to me in the big bed. What's so wrong with your baby sleeping with you all the time anyway right? I'm sure he would grow out of it on his own someday...


I can be strong. Only 8 more minutes till the next "check in." I. HATE hearing him cry. Sitting here waiting for the clock to read a magic number while he screams just feels ABSOLUTELY wrong. They said this would happen in the book (the almost insurmountable temptation to "rescue" my child from his crib) and that parents should distract themselves by doing something they enjoy. Well, smarty pants...I ENJOY SLEEPING at midnight!

Instead I'll blog and wait dutifully till it's time again to go to my sons bedside and tell him how I love him and how he is such a big strong boy and how he is learning to sleep on his own and he can do it. Meester does not like to hear these things. He only wants me to pick him up and carry him somewhere softer and warmer with boobs a plenty. He is so wonderful. Maybe I'll go get him.



Yes. Silence. He's drifted back off to sleepy land. Now I'm going to hop back into bed. Hopefully this post wasn't a total ramble fest...but hey it served it' s purpose, I didn't cave.

Good Mommy... or Mommy Dearest?



michelle said...

Hey, I recognize that outfit!

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook recently.


I am more of a "snuggling him(her) in the big bed with a breast readily at hand" kind of mama.

MA said...

Way to be strong! It's sooooo hard to hear them crying! It'll pay off!

Barbie and Craig said...

Oh it is SO HARD! Good for you, girl! It changed our life...but the nicest part for me is that when he's in his (old) room, I can't hear him. If I couldn't heard him...I don't think I could have done it. It feels SO GOOD when they fall back asleep though. You know they're learning...and they really do learn quickly. Our little noonie is a good sleeper now, but HE WASN'T. I assure you. Way to tough it out!