my decision.

so i have decided that i HAVE to step away from the scale for a while. i'll still finish out P90X with Boobie but i seriously have become WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY too worried and obsessed about the numbers on the scale. Instead I am going to adopt what the french women call the "zipper syndrome" meaning if i am comfy with the way my clothes are fitting and they way i look and feel than i'm good.

no matter WHAT the scale says. (which i won't know cuz i'm not getting on it.) i hope.

I need an evil name for the scale...any ideas? hmmmm...i'm not clever enough to think of one off the top of my head... i'll get back to you with a list...

I am also going to try NOT to say the words FAT or DIET or CALORIES anymore. I don't like this grouchy hungry girl inside me that is ALWAYS wondering and worrying about her caloric intake... rambling? yes i am but this is seriously weighing on me today. (no pun, i promise)

i want to change the way i have been looking at health and fitness... anyone have any good healthy living book suggestions or websites i could check out???

whatever...this is me letting yall know i will not be posting my weight for a while, maybe never again because i just gotta get the scale monkey off my back. but of course our P90X progress updates will continue as it is FABULOUS motivation to finish up strong having someone to be accountable too!!!

peace love and chicken grease,


(mmmm chicken grease)


Kim said...

haha! (to the "mmm chicken grease") :) I say you go girl! I know how it feels to be obsessed with the number on the scale...I'm trying not to be now that I'm pregnant...
I think your decision is a good one. You look GREAT and are very thin, and some chocolate cake and ice cream is not going to change that, especially if you are still doing P90X...and EVEN if you weren't...you are not built to be heavy so it's super unlikely that you would ever be anything but thin. So enjoy your weekend and some indulgently delicious _______ as you say goodbye to Mr. Scale-Jerk-Face:) (That's all I could think of at the moment...haha) :)

freya said...

more power to ya who cares about the scale! i would kill to have your figure annnd you already had a kid! jerk! the only name i could think of for the scale was garfield cause i could only think of garfield the cat always fighting with his scale ha