sometimes a girl just needs a hero

some days ago i was down down down...stressing over everything and nothing at the same time... you know those days. The ones when you wonder what the HECK you're supposed to be doing with your life and if you're doing it all right and blah blah blah...

boobie always knows just what to do on days like that... he is after all my hero. just look at those biceps. hands off ladies.

he went to 2 circle K's to get me this big juicy ICEE and he would've kept hunting if he hadn't suceeded at stop number two. sometimes I really believe he'd do anything to make me smile again.

then he took me thrifting at "my" store and everything was good again.

how do your heros take care of you? or are you your very own hero?



Jared said...

I find Chocolate Ice cream helps me get through those days! Lately I have been eating a lot of Chocolate Ice Cream!. And also Damn you Boobie for making all us other guys look so bad! :)

Jennifer Porter said...

it's so funny you would pose the question because I was thinking of my sweety today in that regard. He is always kind to me when I'm not being kind to myself....he asks what he can do for me... then does it, it's the little things
good post! go drew

Barbie and Craig said...

I love that you can see Miles sleeping in the back seat in the first photo. Love it!

I miss 7-11 slurpees like nobody's business. They don't have them here! Boo! Maybe in Denver?

Michal said...

Oh, thank you! I love having new friends, stop by anytime :)

My hero is my best friend, and she saves the day with a pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, a 64 oz. Cherry Coke, a Del Taco Churro and a hug.