Week 2 Stats...

I had a very rough work-out week. The Meester was very very fussy and sad and fevery all week so I didn't get my workouts in as much as I'd have liked but what can ya do. Soothing my sweetest is more important than getting ripped abs. And hanging with him is WAY more fun than these grueling workouts. But don't worry, I am NOT giving up!

So here's this weeks rundown...


Starting weight: 126.8
After week 2: 125.4

This weeks loss: 1.4 lbs

Total Program loss: 2.6 lbs

My quote of the week:
"Can someone hold the baby?"

Drew's total loss this week: 1.2 lbs

Total Program loss: 5.4 lbs

Drew's quote of the week:
"I'm SO thirsty"

This week I was most impressed by the fact that Drew's body already looks more ripped. How do guys get muscle-y so fast?!? not fair. But at the same time I'm lovin' it!

And Drew was impressed by my ability to do 8 switch-grip pull-ups (with 55 lbs. assistance)

So there's our accountability for this week... wish us luck for the next!!!


p.s. Hi YaYa!!! We miss you!!!


Jennifer Porter said...

congrats! I'm jealous, but hope to be celebrating with you at some point. I want a bagel.

MA said...

you guys are hard core! way to keep it up dudes!

p.s. I wanna bagel too- and don't forget the extra cream cheese!

Kim and Stace said...

Good job Drew and Marquesas! You are an inspiration! I'm watching a P90x infomercial right now and wanting to start it after I have this baby! :)

Kim and Stace said...
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Kim and Stace said...

for some reason my last comment posted twice:P