have i gone completely nut-so???

perhaps. because right now i am blogging while my two very most favorite boys are sleeping ever so peacefully. I should join them in happy slumber land but I feel jittery and bloggeriffic so here I am...

some things have happened this weekend...some good...some not so good...


1. I re-lost the 3 LBS I gained at the Cabinets by LeMay open house party.

2. Boobie and I had a FABULOUS dinner in with old friends Friday night.

3. Saturday brought yet another delicious dinner with a darling couple and their adorable baby boy who I will soon be watching for them!

4. I got to spend the entire weekend with the Meester and Boobie.

5. Had the most delectable peach cobbler EVAH!


1. Didn't get to hit the pool with my lovelies and our cute babes.

2. Had to work out like a fiend to re-lose the 3 LBS I gained at the CBL open house party.

3. Had to leave sacrament meeting early due to sad sad Meester's grouchy over-tiredness.

4. Pooped out during Yoga X today...

5. The AC in our casa may have to be replaced... boo.

6. Gained 1.4 LBS from the delectable peach cobbler.

ok so right now the bad list is longer than the good list so lemme add one more goodie

I'm getting SUPER EXCITED for my BFF's baby shower next weekend!!!

yes, I am aware that the picture posted above has absolutely nada to do with this post but that's what happens when you lose the camera cord...sniffle. Luckily my hero husband has ordered me a new one. he takes good care of me always. i love you boobie...i'm coming in there to nuzzle you now (even though you said it's too hot in our house to touch)

later lovers,


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Jenn said...

No, you're not COMPLETELY nuts! Ha! It is too hot to touch in our house, too. I'm really excited about the weekend, too!! Can't wait to see y'all!

PS- I think I'm behind on y'alls pet name meanings...I think you told me yours one time though.