sweatin' it out.

We spent last night sans AC.

It was a LONG night. Not so much cuz of the heat though (all three of us slept in our next to nothings), I didn't sleep very well cuz I was all worried about the Meester dying of SIDS in the night. The baby book says to keep the room he sleeps in between 68 and 72 degrees and we were definitely boiling over that last night.

So, he slept in the bed with us so we could all share the one fan and so I could keep my watchful, over-protective mommy vibes on him. (and because I'll use any excuse that presents itself to snuggle my babe all night)

Needless to say; we all survived the night and MIRACLE of MIRACLES it only cost $130 to fix the AC!!! Praise Jesus!

It's a good thing we were able to get it fixed today to because P90X kicked Boobie's and my trash tonight... it's a BEAST.

Stay tuned for some P90X action shots... A Tribute to Boobie and My most hated workout moves!!!


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