back to my roots.

Good news and bad...which do you want first...? the good? me too!

I'm going to be staying home with Meester and watching children in my home!!! Honestly I am really excited to get back into caring for kids full time! Of course I've been caring for Miles full time for 5 months now but ya know what I mean. I'm inviting 3 other children to learn and play with us everyday!!! I have so many great ideas for games and crafts and curriculum's! Child care is truly where my heart is. I have missed it dearly. When I go back to school (someday) it will definitely be in the Education field. I want to be a Kindergarten teacher when I grow up! Very exciting!!! So, if you gals know anyone in need of an amazing childcare provider...give them my info!!!

Now, the bad news... I'm out of a job. Well, I'm at least not getting paid anymore. I'm still helping mama out here at Cabinets by LeMay but I'm just not getting paid anymore. Business is just WAY too slow to afford an employee right now. Scary and sad. PEOPLE BUY KITCHENS!!! I know the Lord has a plan for my mama and her business. Something will work out for her somehow.

God bless us all as we navigate this crazy recession!!!



Candace said...

um, if i would get to wear one of those sweet dresses i will definitely talk to my mom about you child caring for myself.
unless, of course, if that would be awkward?

Olivia said...

Let me restate how freaking amazing you are....with or without a paycheck :) Bless you and Mr Miles, love you guys!