P90X Week 4....

was a doozy. This week was supposed to be a recovery week, but Bagel and I didn't get much recovering in. I guess the P90X definition of recovery is just using dumbbells less often. However, you still do enough cardio and body weight exercises to pretty much make yourself drip sweat and become completely worn out by the end of each workout. The real killer this week was the core workout that was thrown in. It basically works every muscle between your knees and chin. Lots of push-ups, lunges, planks, bananas, supermans (or is it supermen?), and things like that.

Anyway, here's this week's stats:

Bagel's stats for the week:

Starting weight: 124.6 lbs
Weight lost this week: 0.6 lbs
Current weight: 124.0 lbs
Total program loss: 4.0 lbs

Bagel's quote of the week: "Recovery my butt!"

Drew's stats for the week:

Weight lost this week: 4.2 lbs
Total program loss: 10.0 lbs

Drew's quote of the week: "By the time I get into Superman, he's already said 'Banana'." (In Superman, you lay on your stomach w/ your arms, shoulders, and legs off the floor. In banana, you lay on your back w/ your arms, shoulders, and legs off the floor. In part of the core workout, you just go back and forth from superman to banana.)

On a positive note, this week was the end of the firts phase of P90X. At the beginning you take this thing called a fit test to see if you're in good enough shape to do P90X. I took the fit test again this week to see how I've improved. My max pull-ups increased by 3. My max push-ups increased by 10. My vertical leap increased an inch. When I started, I could just barely touch my toes when sitting on the floor w/ both feet in front of me. Now I can reach 4 inches past my toes. My wall squat time went up about 30 seconds. My in-and-outs (it's an ab exercise) increased by about 40 reps. My max reps on curls stayed at the same number, but w/ 5 more pounds. That's all I can remember right now. Suffice it to say that P90X works at getting you in shape.3

Here's Bagel's goal body for the week:

Haha. Yes that is Britney. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Don't hate. I still love her.

Here's Drew's goal body for the week:

Marquesas promises to blog about something you all care about as soon as our replacement camera cord arrives in the mail.


Jenn said...

Congrats y'all!

One question...what do you have to be able to do at first for them to consider you ready for the program?!

Mrs. Blimes said...

If you're a girl, you have to be able to do: 1 pull-up, jump 3 inches off the ground, 3 push-ups (or 15 on your knees), sit w/ legs straight out in front of you and reach within 6 inches of your toes, hold a wall squat for 1 minute, curl 8 lbs 10 times, do 25 in & outs. I'm pretty sure a LOT of girls can't do 1 pull-up when they start though. There's ways to cheat on pull-ups that they show you in the videos.

Jenn said...

I think I can do all of that(at least not pregnant!) except for the pull-up...looking forward to trying it!