we found it!!!!

the camera cord is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unfortunately I left it at home this morning so all yall get is this crazed picture of a rabid radio-shack beast from two turkey-days ago... (note the black nail polish...we were still in the band back then...) and a picture husband photo-shopped the kabalah out of! I'm pretty scary headless huh?

I have got a lot of picture catching up to do... baby boy has two chompers coming in and I know you're all dying to see! Plus I gotta post my 30-day P90X progress pics... see if yall can tell a difference in my muscles yet. ha.

Really not a super lot has been going on though... I've felt really blah lately especially regarding the blog...all the stress from unemployment and teething Meesters and what not. Plus, blogs just aren't as fun with no camera cord. But it's back and I am too!
So stay tuned for a post full of pictures to ooogle...


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